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Medicinal properties of food



The causes of ailments and their influencing factors

Looking at some of the common ailments that affect the body every now and then, foods that are at our close disposals can be eaten to counteract these problems. This is just to show you how you can take advantage of the medicinal values of various food and how you can manipulate them for your own health’s good.



-         Take a mixture of sugar candy and coconut

-         Eat plenty of fish

-         Eat some peeled apple with salt in the morning on an empty stomach.

-         Take 2-3 drops of ginger juice in both nostrils. Ginger reduces inflammation and pain and shall help to relieve your headache.

-         Daily intake of brewers yeast counteracts headache as a result of iron deficiency.

-         A paste of ground cinnamon and water can also be applied on the head for relief.

-         Drink some honey with lemon juice to relieve sinus headache



 -         Take some blackstrap molasses in a glass of fruit juice or milk before retiring to bed.

-         Some exercises like walking a few kilometers after meals could also do to help in digestion.

-         Eat food high in dietary fiber as fibre also has come medicinal value

-         Eat some guavas like two in the morning


-         Drink plenty of water as it is essential in purification of the blood system and the digestive tract.

-         Take some cabbage juice. one cup daily for three days would do

-         Mangoes also work greatly for constipation cases.

-         The medicinal value of bananas cannot be overlooked either. Eat bananas regularly because their reach protein content helps in changing the harmful intestinal bacteria (bacilli) into beneficial acidophilus.

-         Some orange juice mixed with olive oil is also a great remedy to constipation.

-         Take some Epsom salt in a glass of water first thing in the morning to relieve yourself

-         Take a mixture of spinach juice and carrot juice.

-         You can as well take 2 tea spoons of castor oil.

-         Half teaspoon of salt, and some lime juice in hot water also works to remedy constipation.

-         Eat guavas



-         Drink fresh potato juice on an empty stomach in the morning.

-         Take salmon, tuna, mackerel and sardines which are fishes rich in omega-3 fatty acids

-         Have a banana diet for three to four days ( 8-9 bananas)

-         Drink plenty of cucumber, carrots and beetroot juices which are outstanding in their high medicinal value

-         Boiled apples into jelly form make good liniment for massage.

-         Eating apples and potatoes give relief as their malic acid acts as a neutralizer to uric acid.

-         Take a mixture of cinnamon powder and honey in a glass of hot water

-         Coconut counteracts uric problems



Pimples and Skin Problems

-         Apply fresh mint juice over the face before bed. It cures and also moisturizes the skin.

-         Boiled mango kernels and peels relieve skin edema.

-         Potatoes juice heal skin problems

-         White pulp of pawpaw rubbed on the face removes pimples


-         Grated cucumber is an anti-wrinkles and dryness.

-         The bleaching property of lemon will lighten your scars.

-         Lime juice in a glass of milk

-         Scrubbing with a paste of corn flour and milk / plain yoghurt helps in opening of the pores.


-         Rub pimples with a piece of fresh garlic everyday until it goes.

-         Mixture of green gram flour and garlic juice make a good bleaching agent

-         Apply a paste of cinnamon powder and honey on the pimple for a week.

-         Apply aloe Vera in fresh wounds to prevent scaring.


-        Coconut oil massaged on scars helps in clearing them

-         Wash your face with fresh mint juice.

-         Wash your face with a mixture of groundnut oil and lime juice.

-         Apply a paste of ripe tomatoes onto the affected areas and rinse after 30 minutes.

-         Mix the powder from roasted pomegranate skin with some lime juice, apply on your face and rinse later after some minutes.



-         Eat pounded steamed pumpkin mixed with honey.

-         Eat some pineapple cubes and boiled cloves of garlic with milk before going to bed.

-         Eating onions relieves bronchial tubes constriction

-         Drink raw spinach juice

-         Take plenty of grape juice



-         Drink plenty of spinach juice for its rich iron content

-         Eat steamed pumpkin mixed with honey

-         Eat iron rich animal protein parts like the kidney and liver

-         Eat cabbages

-         Drink lots of beet juice

-         Eat lots of vitamin C rich fruits as the ascorbic acid in them facilitates the absorption of iron

-         Avoid tea and coffee as they hinder iron absorption.


-         Take some cloves of garlic pounded and rolled in raisins as it lowers pulse rate and modifies the heart rhythm. The medicinal value of garlic for hypertension patients cannot be underrated

-         Apple juice increases the secretion of urine hence lowering pressure

-         Pawpaw helps in treating heart palpitation

-         Take some tomatoes in an empty stomach in the morning

-         Take boiled peel or stem of bananas as tea

-         Celery, cinnamon and olive oil are proven to lower blood pressure.

-         Honey and cinnamon powder paste applied on chapatti, or bread for breakfast reduces cholesterol in the arteries.

-         Eat baked potatoes

-         Grape fruit juice tone the arteries and this lowers blood pressure because they

contain vitamin P

-         Take some onion juice and honey

-         Take some pepper (cayenne) in lukewarm water

-         Eat lots of water melon.

Mental Problems

Just like any other part of the body, our brains need some nutrients to develop and stay in healthy state. The medicinal value of all the foods you take plays a major role even in cases of people with mental illnesses. Your recovery rate will largely be determined by the medicinal value of the foods you consume. Here are some tips:


-     Take plenty of avocadoes as they activate the brain.

-         Onions stimulate sleep improving memory in turn

-         Coconuts activate the memory

-         Oysters are essential for brain functioning because of their zinc supply.

-         Guavas increase mental richness

-         Pineapples reduce memory loss

-         Water melon soothes the mind and relieves stress

-         Avocadoes activate memory nerves and the brain



Urinal Inability or Disorders

-         Ground avocado seeds can be taken as tea.

-         Mangoes promote urination

-         Acidity in cranberry juice control harmful urinal bladder infections.

-         Cinnamon powder mixed with honey and lukewarm water kills germs in the bladder.

-         Drink pumpkin juice

-         Water melon is an essential in tackling urinal problems

-         Ground avocado seeds taken as tea improve urinal complications

-         Maize cures bladder and urinary problems



Intestinal Worms

The intestines are a major component in the digestive system and its problems will most likely affect the entire health of the victim. The prevention and/or treatment of any intestinal wounds can be well taken care of by considering the medicinal value of the foods we eat when in this condition. Some outstanding foods that have unique curative features to deal with this include the following:


-         Carrots are good for intestinal wounds diarrhea and digestive disorders.

-         Boiled bananas are good for running stomachs

-         Take plenty of ginger, spinach and rice

-         Coconut activates stomach functioning and relieves vomiting

-         Mangoes strengthen the stomach and relieve vomiting

-         Eat boiled pumpkins to kill intestinal worms. Crush seeds and mix with warm water to relieve diarrhea

-         Pawpaw  aids in digestion and is also an anti parasite

-         Guavas control intestinal worms



Tooth Ache and Bleeding Gums

-         Eating mangoes every day relieves bleeding gums

-         Tomatoes eaten with sugar relieves gum bleeding

-         Paste of cinnamon powder and honey relieves toothache if applied on it.

-         Chew onions to relieve pain.




Diabetes has quickly emerged as a major course for alarm in modern times, while its treatment can often be a nightmare; it could be very easy to prevent the condition completely by identifying foods with high medicinal values to make sure that you do not degenerate into a diabetic.

-         Drink grape juice regularly

-         Cinnamon uses blood sugar and taking it with water will help to lower sugar levels

-         Drink boiled mango tree leaves

-         Drink tea made from dried beans like kidney bean to remove toxins from the pancreas.




-         Take a fiber rich diet

-         Opt for a low fat diet

-         Drink cabbage juice as this soothes intestinal linings

-         Include ginger and garlic in your meals and avoid acidic foods like lime

-         Eat lots of tomatoes, broccoli, and green leafy vegetables

-         Egg yolk liver and cheese are also rich in the required vitamin K


The medicinal values of these foods and their ability to deal with various problems can not however be used as strict prescriptions. Medical consultation is very important especially in cases where symptoms persist and do not go away within an appropriate time frame.